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Dr. Stephen Green embraces the Holistic approach to healing the whole person. As a Holistic Doctor, Stephen Green combines the techniques and traditions of ancient and modern healing:

  • Holistic Chiropractic,
  • Therapeutic Nutrition, Herbs and Homeopathy
  • Mind/Body therapies for stress management and lifestyle counseling

Holistic healing embraces all phases of a person's life that impact on quality of life. The physical is affected by the emotional and mental attitudes as well. Nutrition affects not only a body's function, but also ones sense of well-being. Stress affects all systems of a person: physical, emotional and mental.

Dr. Green works with you as a unique individual based on your particular combination of needs. He aims to balance your systems so that your healing can take place naturally. He works with you as a partner in your health. He respects your needs, your beliefs, and your lifestyle as the foundation for working together.

Whether you wish only to have pain reduction or your body balanced through chiropractic adjustments for maintenance or performance, Dr. Green has many physical therapeutic techniques at his disposal. He will also find a nutritional solution to excess weight or other debilitating conditions. Finally, Dr. Green provides more comprehensive lifestyle counseling as a part of Holistic Services. Dr Stephen Green will accommodate your needs with natural, gentle methods of healing.

Dr. Stephen Green established the Goshen Healing Center in 1984. He chose historic Goshen for its beauty and convenient location for residents of Orange County, New York. The Healing Center faces the scenic main square of Goshen. Dr. Green has created an informal natural setting with many flowers and a soothing pond next to his office.

Dr. Green has broad life experience helpful to empathizing with his patients' lifestyle needs. He has been educated at respected universities:

  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of the State of New York
  • Masters of Nutrition, University of Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • Doctor of Chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Iowa

Dr. Green continues his education through seminars, research, and courses to provide up to date on the latest information of value to his patients for Holistic Chiropractic, Therapeutic Nutrition, and Mind/Body and Lifestyle Counseling. Dr, Green seeks to educate his patients to provide themselves with the best quality of life through healthy practice.


Latest News

Latest studies show that the addition of strontium to your Osteoporosis formula can drastically improve your chances to stave off ostioporosis and also reverse it.
Despite attempts by the drug industry to patent alien forms of strontium to sell at large premiums studies show that simple forms work best.

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Tips & Heart Quotes

Daily relaxation exercises:

You notice you are tense.  At that Moment, take a deep breath.  As you let out the breath, slowly, simply sigh.  Feel the tension melt away.  Repeat as often as you notice tension.  Experience new control  over how you live your life.

A habit of relaxation can change the quality of your life.

Look here for additional tips each month on how you can improve your life with simple daily exercises designed to be easy for anyone to do.



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