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  This page is currently under construction. Please check back later. PATIENT'S KEY REQUIRED ____________ 

This page is a service to my patients for specific information sheets, forms and other benefits.

Using this service: The following list includes information sheets I give to my patients as the need arises. I provide this page as a service to make it possible for patients to download as a pdf. file requiring Adobe Acrobat for your convenience. Please understand that you are welcome to share copies with others that may find them helpful but that each sheet has a copyright and may not be copied and used commercially without permission from Dr. Green.
Click on a title to view the .pdf file.

Chiropractic, Stretch,           Exercise


Mind/Body, Stress Mgmnt.,
General Info

Chiropractic and Holistic Health              Diet  - General                                         Stress Management I                            
Back Exercises (2pp) Supplements - General Stress  Management - Basics
TMJ Info and Exercise (2pp) Deflame Yourself I Stress and Nutrition
Neck Strengthening Deflame Yourself II Stress Supplements
Cervical Spine Mobility (2pp) Pregnancy Nutrition Nutrition & Stress Management
The Stomach and Back Exercise Super Nutrition Soup Muscle Relaxation Exercise
Muscle Relaxation Exercise Spring Cleaning- Inside Out (2pp) Improve Your Sleep Naturally
Kegel's  Pelvic Floor Exercize VAP Cholesterol Test (2pp) Overstressed? What to Do.
Kegel Support Exercises (2pp) PMS Nutrition Help! How to Find Time to Relax.
Men's Pelvic Floor Exercise Kidney Stone Diet The Sigh - Nature's Tranquilizer
Upper Body Stretch Medication, Herbs and Supplements Lyme Disease Hints I
Low Back Stretch Modern Approach to Homeopathy Lyme Disease Hints II
Morning and Before Bed Stretches Healthy Holistic Weight Loss Taking Homeopathic Remedies
Over 50 - General Stretches Diets Don't Work! Menopause - A Perspective
Hip & Knee Exercises (2pp) Dietary Recommendations ADD/ADHD - General (2pp)
Shape-Up: Stomach etc. (2pp) Healthy Weight Loss Tips ADD/ADHD Checklist
Over 40 - Weight Training (2pp) Glycemic Food Chart ADD/ ADHD Homeopathic
Starting a Walking Program (2pp) Food Check-Off List (2pp) ADHD- Overmedicating?
Exercises That May Be Harmful Sports Nutrition- Supplements (3pp) ADHD Child/Parent Cartoon
When to Use Heat and Cold Sports Nutrition - Herbs Cross-Crawl: Neural Reintegration
Running and Jogging Easy Allergy Remedy - Saline HIPPAA Release Form
Ankle  Tubing Exercises  (2pp) Environmental Controls (2pp)
Foot Care for Runners (2pp) Vinagar Steam Remedy





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