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"I have been a patient of Dr. Green's since 2006. Dr. Greens integrative practice combined with an individualized approach to health care provides a supportive environment for me to address my health issues. I have been able to stay current with my concerns and I am encouraged to take an active role in how I become healthy. Whether my ailment be specific or a general health question, I feel the responses from Dr. Green to knowledgeable and insightful. When I started going to Dr. Green I wanted to feel better and I do. My health has improved through a practitioner with an authentic approach. This is priceless to me."

Irene Dunn


"Thank you Dr, Stephen Green. I am now able to function better, as a person, from my sinuses to my toes. He has helped me choose exercises and nutritional supplements to take to keep me feeling great and in charge of my life. My back and shoulder pain is less, and I am standing and walking straighter, able to stay limber longer, even if I spend too much time at my computer, not sitting properly. My sciatica nerve pain is less after he works on my lower back. I have a problem with many medications, especially anti-inflammatory. My body does not tolerate them well. The Holistic medications have not given me problems and they really help me function."

Diane Miller


"I have been a patient of Dr. Green's for 25 years. Originally, I came to him due to headaches, which he helped to cure. I visit to maintain my general health and well-being. I always feel renewed after an adjustment. I highly recommend Dr. Green."

Pamela Legenos


"My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Green foe at least 2 months. We have been to other chiropractors over 15 years, but never to a holistic practitioner. Our experience with Dr. Green has been a wonderfully productive learning experience. Dr. Green brings a wealth of tremendous knowledge to his patients. Between the chiropractic adjustments, which are firm but gentle, and the introduction of nutritional supplements, my husband and I have noticed a marked difference in the way we feel and function. I thank God for Dr. Green and the fact that he takes the "whole person" in consideration when he advises and administers his healing touch. I wish there were more doctors who did the same."

Eva Carver


"I have been coming to Dr. Green for many years. His gentle approach to chiropractic adjustments are well suited for my body, relieving acute pain, as well as aches brought on by daily stress. Dr. Green's intuitive nature allows him to sense when my emotional well-being is our of balance. In such situations he is quick to offer strategies for regaining balance and coach me on, and to insert them into my daily routine."

Kristin Slover


"Since becoming a patient of Dr. Green, I have seen a significant reduction in headaches and back pain that I had been suffering from for years. I highly recommend Dr. Green to anyone suffering with pain or discomfort. He really can make a difference."

Alex Piccolo


"I came to Dr. Green after a recommendation from a friend because I was suffering from continuous headaches, back pain, and neck tension. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Green my symptoms are significantly reduced and headaches infrequent. I would highly recommend Dr. Green to anyone looking for relief from their pain."

Andrew Chattaway


"I've been a patient of Dr. Green for approximately the past 20 years. Over the years, I've had several injuries requiring treatment and due to the nature of my employment, I require regular care. After beginning to see Dr. Green for treatment for my back pain, I immediately felt that I was not just a number or just another patient. He listens to my concerns and my aches and pains and gives me information on how to relieve the symptoms and keep them from returning. Dr. Green treated me through my pregnancy and now treats my 17-year-old son as well as other family members. Dr, Green is not your typical chiropractor. He is a holistic practitioner, encompassing the mind and body and nutritional therapy as well. I highly recommend Dr. Green. He is the best."

Georgette Sayers


"My family and I have been patients of Gr. Green for the couple of years and highly recommend him. He and Lorraine are very friendly and have a great demeanor with children. We like Dr. Green because he is more likely to stretch you and work out the kinks as opposed to other chiropractors that may "crack" you instead."

Sincerely, Maria Robinson


"I started to see Dr. Green in June of 2010, on the advise of a friend. I had been under chiropractic care for over 20 years and I never experienced these type of adjustments as I do with Dr. Green. It is wonderful and it works. As far as the nutritional, I am 57 year old female who has never worked with anyone regarding nutrition. My system is a mess, especially since going through menopause. I am happy to say I am on the upswing regarding my health and well-being, since seeing Dr. Green and using proper supplements to balance my body and my emotions—all positive changes."

Thank You Dr. Green, Colleen-- Newburgh, NY


" I have been going to Dr. Green for over five years.  He has asisted me in weight loss, through my pregnancey and in every da body-mind-soul balancing.  Dr. Green is unique as a healer because not only is he a certified chiropractor and holistic practitioner, but he addresses the root of your problems with such and instinct that it is almost psychic.  His sessions have helped me to grow as a person physically and spiritually.  I would recommend his to anyone who is looking for holistic medical therapy."

Rachael Doty





Orchestrate your whole health naturally with Dr. Stephen Green MS, DC ~ Call 845-294-9990
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